Created by team MIND INTERFACES on November 18, 2023

TruLens-MindShield An AI-Assisted Firewall for Cognitive Integrity. Overview Problem Statement: Address the issue of cognitive manipulation and the algorithmic promotion of toxicity in social media and other digital platforms. Tool Utilization: Employ TruLens-Eval for real-time evaluation of content and TruLens-Explain to provide insight into why certain content is deemed manipulative or toxic. Use TruEra for fine-tuning and ensuring the model performs at its peak capabilities. Innovation Technical Feasibility: Create a browser extension or app that integrates with social media platforms to provide real-time filtering and explanations. Unique Features: The system will include a user-customizable dashboard to set personal filters for what kinds of content they wish to be shielded from. Why It's Unique Gap Analysis: There is a lack of tools aimed specifically at protecting users from manipulative or emotionally charged content. Transparency Factor: TruLens-Explain will provide users with the rationale behind the filtering decisions, offering transparency and control. Where It Has Potential Real-world Relevance: The pervasive influence of toxic and manipulative content is a pressing issue in today's digital landscape. Tool Efficacy: The project aims to fully utilize TruLens and TruEra for real-time evaluation and fine-tuning. Performance Metrics: Success would be evaluated based on user satisfaction and the ability to accurately filter and explain problematic content in real-time. MindShield aims to offer users a protective layer against the cognitive hazards of the digital world, from outrage mobs to manipulative bots. By providing both a real-time filter and transparent explanations for its actions, it addresses many of the concerns faced online, making it a relevant and potentially impactful project.

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