Summarize Legal Legislation Fintuned Model

Created by team LegalLLM on November 10, 2023

StableLM-tuned-alpha-3b was finetuned with lit-gpt repo lora method. This performed considerably better then the original model. Subject Matter ROUGH score for chatgpt summarization is 8/10 Subject Matter ROUGH score for legalLLM is 3/10 Subject Matter ROUGH score for stableLM-tuned-alpha-3b is 0/10 Considering gpt3 was 175B and chatgpt is most likely bigger, the fact that legalLLM could score 3 is significant Training was done with lighteval/legal-summarization dataset. look at attached github repo for fine-tunning parameters. This fintuned model is uploaded huggingface under mehrdad-es/legalLLM-hf The github repo shows how to create your gradio app to chat with the model. It is recommended to get a10 46GB ram system.

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