Created by team Accelerate Mental Health Engineering on November 14, 2022

Pictures generated by the Stable Diffusion are used for mental health therapeutic purposes. There are two main services, the free in-app plan and the premium chromotherapy in the metaverse. First of all, the main goal of the application is to be able to ask the users about their current mood and the reasons behind it to generate an image based on the theories of mental health and chroma therapy to improve overall mental health. The application first starts by asking about the overall mood of the user: Great, Good, Okay, Bad, Awful . Based on these questions the model generates an image that is soothing to the mood and improves the mood of the user throughout the day. Then, the metaverse is used to provide immersive chromotherapy in the metaverse for all. It consists of the panorama version or full-screen version of the picture being trained and generated using Stable Diffusion. Then, throughout the chromotherapy, we could let use relaxation-stimulating colors to provide immersive therapeutic experiences, whether it is the VR feature on ma mobile phone, the VR feature from a VR headset, the AR feature from an Apple device, and more that are compatible with Spatial XR.

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