Created by team whereDoYouMean on December 24, 2022

When students are revising their work, they face a few hurdles - (1) finding content from a big repository of school materials is time-consuming, especially when the student does not know specifically where to look for the information; (2) results searched online might not be exactly the same as what the school is teaching in terms of scope. Hence, we decided to create an application where teachers can transcribe their videos and generate the embeddings. Users can then ask a question and the top few links to the relevant videos will be given to the student (with the time-stamp attached). The context is also provided to the student so that they can make a judgement as to which video is worth exploring. After which, students can also vote on the relevance of the videos, which will be used to affect future training. We hope that this project can help students learn better with their school's resources.

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