Created by team EasyQuery on March 14, 2023

EasyQuery is a revolutionary product that enables users to effortlessly harness the intuitive power of Web3 data query through natural language. With its ability to extract data insights and facilitate native data utilization in dApps, EasyQuery is the ultimate tool for unlocking the full potential of Web3. What is the problem EasyQuery aims to solve? First, Web3 data is scattered on various blockchains and platforms lacking connectivity. In addition, there is limited access to historical data for smart contracts. Second, It has been difficult to fetch and process the data for further implementation. There are high technical barriers for using existing data tool platforms. Third, creating data visualization and extracting business insights have been time consuming. Tech specs KNN3 Data services A data warehouse storing indexed and structured on-chain and off-chain data is provided. Built on top of it, stable and flexible database services are available for back-end support. OpenAI With the power of openAI, human language can be translated into SQL queries with proper prompt engineering. Two different prompt agents are used in this product, one is used for SQL generation and the other is used for data insights generation. Target Users There are two types of target users. The first group that could benefit from EasyQuery are developers who specialize in social dApp data/algorithm development or smart contract development, and require a convenient and efficient method for accessing Web3 data. The second group comprises individuals who are interested in Web3 data but lack extensive coding expertise. EasyQuery offers them the opportunity to obtain the desired data.

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