Created by team Game Changers on November 09, 2023

ConnectED is a platform that aims to address a significant public health issue by providing a centralized digital hub for government agencies and NGOs to upload important health updates and information. The platform would streamline the dissemination of crucial data to populations across wide geographic areas. The SMS functionality would ensure even those in remote, rural localities without consistent internet access could still receive timely advisories on outbreaks, best medical practices, vaccination schedules, and more. By partnering both information providers and citizens on one cohesive platform, ConnectED could virtually extend the reach of institutional messaging far beyond what traditional in-person community outreach allows.

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"Good job setting up the context for your application. But it would be good to see a demo in the presentation video, especially because the demo app that was linked in the project submission does not seem to work. "


Justin Hayes

Head of Field Engineering