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Created by team Perspectlysis on March 02, 2023

Current there is a critical problem in today's society, which is the lack of understanding and communication between individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This problem is particularly acute in the realm of politics, where people with different political views often struggle to understand each other and find common ground. In the media, there is also growing concern about the "echo chamber" effect, where people only consume news and information that confirms their existing beliefs and values, rather than seeking out diverse perspectives and engaging with different viewpoints. That is where Perspectlysis AI comes in. It is an AI assistant that can help to predict the feelings and actions that might be taken by people with different backgrounds and political views when they read about a news or article.

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"Perspectlysis AI is a unique and innovative solution to the problem of communication barriers between individuals and groups with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The idea of using AI to predict the emotions and actions of people with different political views is intriguing and has the potential to bring people together by promoting understanding and empathy. The project's focus on tackling the "echo chamber" effect in the media is also commendable. However, the paragraph does not provide enough information about the technical aspects and implementation of the technology. Additionally, it would be helpful to know how the AI assistant can be accessed and utilized by the public"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor