Created by team Copilot-J on May 07, 2023

CoPilot-J is an open-source GitHub Copilot-X an alternative for VSCode. It can chat with code, generates, explains, and refactors code using LocalAI, and is compatible with any open-source model (ggml compatible). for the implementation We have 2 main components, the first one is VS code plugin that does all the interaction, it is able to chat with models, send code to the conversation, or detect code snippets from the conversation. the second part is go-skynet/LocalAI which does all the magic of serving AI models, in this demo, we’re using wizard-lm inference to demo the plugin, but you can use any ggml model to use it. the repo is up here: PS. Initially we thought we'd use GPT4ALL-J hence the name Copilot-J 😂

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