Created by team Agora Spartans on October 13, 2023

Open-Sourcerer is a powerful tool designed to assist developers in discovering and integrating open-source projects. It's a bridge between your local development environment and the vast world of open-source projects on GitHub. Open-Sourcerer is also integrated with Open-Interpreter and Discord, providing a seamless and interactive experience. How it works: 1. Discovery Phase: Open-Sourcerer scours GitHub, based on your specified criteria, to find repositories that align with your project needs. 2. Integration and Assistance Phase: Once you've selected the repositories you're interested in, Open-Sourcerer aids in integrating them into your codebase. It can generate code snippets and provide guidance to ensure a smooth integration process. 1. Prerequisites: Ensure you have Python installed on your local machine. You'll also need a Discord account. Join the Agora Discord server using this link:

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