Good Boy Recognizer

Created by team Fur Stack Developers on January 20, 2024

Good Boy Recognizer is an AI application designed to comfort dogs when they're left at home. In today's world, as many of us return to office work, our furry friends often stay home alone, feeling sad and anxious. This situation not only affects our pets but also worries us as pet owners. App uses a camera to detect when your dog enters the view. It then plays calming, reassuring statements recorded by you, the pet's owner. This reduces your dog's anxiety while you're away and gives you peace of mind during your work hours. It takes picture of given area, sends it to Clarifai general image recognition model, we get a predicted concepts as a response and this response is then sent to via Clarifai API to gpt-4-turbo model to get a response particularly in JSON format I think the impact of this app is huge because there are millions of dog owners worldwide, our app has the potential to significantly improve the life quality of a large number of pets and their owners. It promotes responsible pet ownership, reduces separation anxiety in pets, improves their well-being, and even has the potential to reduce home damage caused by anxious behaviors. The app’ principle is simplicity, using existing solutions from Clarifai, it was for me really super easy and quick to develop. And I thin that is also the value of this stack – ability to create real and working things. In the future, we plan to enhance its capabilities to recognize a dog's mood for more varied interactions.

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