Created by team Savvy Synapses on March 17, 2023

We propose a powerful and innovative solution for enhancing the search functionality of ecommerce systems - the integration of a semantic search feature using Cohere's multilingual model and Qdrant's vector database. With the increasing volume of data generated every day, traditional keyword-based search engines can struggle to provide accurate and relevant results. This is where our solution comes in, offering a cutting-edge approach to search that enables customers to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. By integrating Cohere's multilingual model, our system can analyze the meaning behind search queries, rather than simply matching keywords. This means that even complex queries, such as those with multiple meanings, synonyms or different languages, can be understood and processed accurately, resulting in more relevant search results.

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"Impressive demo!"


Meor Amer

Dev Rel

"Amazing application i love the idea to offer customers an improved search experience by analyzing the meaning behind search queries and resulting in more relevant search results. With the help of Qdrant vector search engine and Cohere's generative model the app extracts amazing results.Also the application appears to be well-presented with an impressive demo and high potential business value"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"I imagine it could be a plugin to the most popular ecommerce systems, such as WooCommerce or Magento, so anybody can simply switch to semantic search but still use a system they're used to. I love the idea, it's great for the immigrants!"


Kacper Lukawski

Developer Advocate

"Love the demo and the difference multilingual embeddings make to the result"


Naman Parikh