Created by team FlavorFuse on March 17, 2023

Using OpenAi, Cohere, and Qdrant, vector search to predict the title, ingredients, and procedure of making a recipe based upon the limited food supplies that the user has by inputting the text in their own native language and getting the output in the same language as well. Moreover, we also wanted to use the OpenAI generative to predict and show the user how the resulting image of the dish looks based on the ingredients that the user inputted into the platform. Moreover, the next phase of this web app will be to make the model more accurate in terms of the predictive and analyze and do not give the user unrealistic outcomes.

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"This application looks promising for predicting recipe titles, ingredients and procedures based on limited food supplies and generating images of resulting dishes. The integration of OpenAI, Cohere, and Qdrant technologies is commendable. However the next phase of improving the model's accuracy is crucial for enhancing the app's effectiveness and on the other hand the presentation was lengthy and the demo was not user-friendly. While the idea is useful it's not unique as there are already similar recipe apps available in the market"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"The idea sounds really exciting, as it might be really helpful for people who would like to eat healthy and try out new things. I'd appreciate a working demo, so I could try it without setting everything from scratch."


Kacper Lukawski

Developer Advocate