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Created by team AI Disruptor on March 17, 2023

Our platform provides businesses with the ability to monitor and analyze social media and news mentions in over 100 languages, all in one place. With our language translation and content intelligence solution, businesses can easily generate responses in their customers' preferred language, stay on top of industry news and trends, and streamline their content management process. Our platform allows businesses to upload their policies and internal documents in over 100 languages, generating chatbots and semantic search engines that enhance customer experience and streamline content management. We are utilizing cohere multilingual embeddings and Qdrant vector DB to generate and save embeddings. A flask-based api backend and a based no-code front-end is used to build the solution.

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"Great app! I'd love to try it out!"


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager

"Very impressive! I really like how you fused several of our endpoints together. UI looks clean and well designed. Well done!"


Roy Lim

Developer Programs

"Great execution with easy to use user interface."


Meor Amer

Dev Rel

"I love the idea to monitor the internet for brands. That's not something completely new, but multilingual semantic earch really takes it to the next level. I'd suggest polishing the UX, as it seems quite complex, but overall like the system."


Kacper Lukawski

Developer Advocate

"Amazing idea and great UI/UX!"


Naman Parikh

"Great Work! i like the idea to analyze social media and news mentions in multiple languages while also streamlining their content management process through the use of chatbots and semantic search engines. The frontend from me was a little bit complicated because i check the aplication demo first and then the presantation and the video and just from the website it was kinda hard to understadn what the application does exactly. The presentation was pretty good."


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor