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Created by team Aadarsh on March 17, 2023

Problem: Government agencies such as the Department of Justice regularly release press statements to inform the public about their activities and decisions. These press releases contain important information that can be difficult to find and understand due to their volume and complexity. Currently, there is no easy way for individuals to search through these press releases and find relevant information. Traditional keyword-based search engines often return irrelevant or outdated results, making it difficult for users to find what they’re looking for. Solution: To address this problem, we propose the development of an app that provides semantic search results for queries on press releases from the government of justice. This app will use advanced natural language processing techniques to understand the meaning behind user queries and provide accurate and relevant search results. The major idea is that implementing the semantic search on public press releases will lead to a faster access to relevant information, Improved accuracy of the information, Increased transparency, and better data analysis. It can reduce the risk of misinformation by providing more accurate and relevant information to journalists and the public.

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"Your idea can target a lot of issues of a specific demographic layer of the society. Your demo looks great but the output can be worked on: extract only the information a user would like to have so they don't have to work their way to work on that as well. "


Dimitrije Pesic


"Your concept has the potential to address various problems faced by a particular group of people in society. Although your demonstration appears impressive there is room for improvement in terms of the output. Specifically, the information presented to users should be streamlined so that they don't have to spend unnecessary effort trying to find what they need.Additionally it should be noted that the presentation was brief or concise in nature"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor