Image-to-text and Speech-to-text Update Tool

Created by team Mikada on June 21, 2023

Image2text and Speech2text Update Tool is specially developed for the update section of Leveraging the power of Google Vertex AI Vision APIs and Speech-to-Text APIs, this cutting-edge tool seamlessly converts images to text and speech to text, automating the process and saving valuable time and effort. Image-to-Text Conversion: App harnesses the advanced capabilities of Google Vertex AI Vision APIs to extract text from images instantly. Whether it's capturing meeting notes, diagrams, or handwritten project details, the App effortlessly converts them into editable text. Users can edit the text in the AI assistant window and create an update for the item. Speech-to-Text Transformation: With the integration of Google Vertex AI Speech-to-Text model, the App transcribes audio recordings into accurate text. Simply record your voice in the app, and App will simultaneously generate the transcript for the user. Then the update will be automatically created in the update section of the item. Automated Update Entry: The app takes the generated text from an image or speech and seamlessly populates it into the update window of No more manual typing or copy-pasting; the App ensures a smooth and error-free transfer of information. Enhanced Efficiency: The app's automation capabilities significantly reduce the time spent on data entry and transcription tasks, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your projects. Maximize your productivity and efficiency with App's time-saving features. The app empowers you to revolutionize your update workflow on Who is this app for? The app is designed for individuals and teams across various industries who rely on efficient communication. Whether you're a project manager, team lead, creative professional, or anyone working with visual information, or anyone who wants to create update by just speaking. The app is your go-to tool for streamlined workflows.

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