LAIbels part of Workdocs Viewer

Created by team Kolekti on June 22, 2023

LAIbles part of Workdocs Viewer (pronounced Labels) is an app for categorising, with AI-generated labels, workdocs to make it easier to search for monday workdocs across your monday workspace and instance. With this app we are aiming to help reduce the time spent by the average knowledge worker looking for information as they work. We used Langchain and Open AI to generate relevant labels for a user to select from. These labels are based on the content of the workdocs. Users can also manually input labels if they want a more bespoke label for categorising their workdocs. Once selected, labels are appended to the workdoc. The user can then click on any of these labels to begin a search for other docs with the same label. This search is powered by our existing app Workdocs Viewer

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