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Created by team NaturalViZ on January 11, 2024

NaturalViz is an experimental solution that combines the power of Mixtral with data visualization capabilities to redefine how users explore and gain insights from datasets. The chatbot functionality allows users to pose natural language queries about the dataset, and, in response, the system generates Python code for analysis and visualization. This enables dynamic and infinite visualizations, empowering users to explore data from various perspectives effortlessly. Our inspiration for NaturalViz stems from the recognition of challenges in traditional data visualization tools. We observed barriers in accessibility and the reliance on specialized knowledge, hindering the broader audience from exploring and understanding datasets effectively. Inspired by the potential of language models, we envisioned a solution that could make data exploration more inclusive, user-friendly, and dynamic. The goal was to create a tool that goes beyond conventional data visualization methods, leveraging natural language processing to enable users to interact with data in a conversational manner.

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