IntelliSum - Intelligent Summarizer for Text

Created by team Alpacas on August 28, 2023

We have created an extension named IntelliSum that uses LLama2 and Clarifai for Intelligent Summarization and extraction of text from a given URL, using Stable Diffusion it can also generate AI Prompts and Images for given prompts. We have made this extension that is compatible with browsers and helps users to generate summary of texts, extract arguments from a piece of text, generate AI prompts and generate images according to the AI prompts. We have used technologies like JavaScript, Python, Llama2, Clarifai and other web technologies for creating this extension, we further in future want to extend our scope to fake news and fakeness detection in articles and AI Assitants

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"Presentation: Presentation was good, but the story telling could be a bit better paced to help the audience better understand. I liked that you told a story about the user, but the description of what tool does couple be a bit more simple. How are you going to capture the market? One trick for future is to edit your video so make the waiting time or errors less noticeable. Business value: Not obvious that this is something people would pay for. Content summarization is certainly something that could work as a chrome extension - but if people are going to pay for it, needs to be fast and polished. I could see fake news detection as a browser extension to be valuable. Application of technology: Thanks for including the Github. Good basic use of a couple models. Originality: Techniques afforded by tools like Llama2 and Stable Diffusion are very powerful indeed. That said, because they are now so easy to implement, it requires an additional level of differentiation to capture the hearts of mind of an audience. All in all - nice job applying many technologies in a creative way! Clearly demonstrates that you immersed yourself in the project and it's cool to see what you came up with. Good job guys!!"


Alfredo Ramos

Clarifai Humanoid