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A smart platform to empower farmers and increase their profits. It is a platform that empowers farmers by creating and improving agricultural plans, providing innovative financial solutions, and linking them to suppliers in the market using artificial intelligence technologies. This helps: 1- Improve agricultural plans 2- Reduce production costs 3- Increase productivity 4- Ensure crop quality 5- Boost profitability 1. Lack of financing: Many farmers face difficulty in obtaining easy and quick financing for their agricultural needs. This can affect their ability to purchase agricultural supplies, such as seeds and fertilizers, which can lead to decreased productivity. 2. High production costs: Agriculture faces many challenges that increase production costs, such as climate change, diseases, and pests. This can affect farmers' profits and make agriculture unprofitable. 3. Lack of knowledge and experience: Some farmers may lack the knowledge and experience necessary to improve farming plans and increase productivity. This can lead to decreased productivity and financial losses. 4. Difficulty accessing markets: Some farmers may face difficulty accessing markets, which can make it difficult to sell their products and make a profit

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Emmanuel Olea

Research and Development Lead

"Great job team Green-Up! Your presentation is really passioned and informative. Id loved to see a walkthrough demo to help us navegate in your solution in an easy way. Good Luck"


Paulo Almeida

co-founder of Stunning Green