AI-Powered Skilling - Great Energy Transition

Created by team Knowledge Harvesting AI on March 06, 2024

In light of COP 28's emphasis on accelerated climate action and energy transition, the challenge for managers and executives in the upstream and downstream petroleum sectors is to innovatively and responsibly navigate the industry's current role in meeting global energy demands while actively transitioning towards more sustainable energy sources. This requires balancing immediate energy security with long-term environmental and societal commitments, necessitating a strategic, collaborative, and transparent approach to both energy production and climate responsibility. We delivered three agents (custom GPTs) for helping professionals: - Make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, with advice tailored to their transferable skills and the renewable job market. - Explore specific skills and opportunities for learning and development in the renewable sector. - Identify key renewable energy standards, certifications, and practices that are essential for a career in this field.

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