Blood Bank Rowad

Created by team Blood banks Rowad on March 05, 2024

‏ blood bank Rowad, this project using artificial intelligence that ‏Allowing patients to get analysis blood less than day by using the BB ROWAD AI machine and choosing the type of blood test required through the blood bank screen and enter data: mobile number, name, ID number, age. After that complete to the Payment process that will ask the patients to pay for the service and print the receipt. ‏The nurse draws a person’s blood sample, enters the bill number on the same BB AI machine screen, and then allows the blood sample to be entered into the blood testing machine. ‏Using a database about blood samples , the results will be output within a few minutes, via a WhatsApp message or ask to print the results . ‏Also, a person can press the button to read the result and can learn about his condition. Extra features ‏We also have an application: ‏The machine's locations and availability can be displayed ‏Show the results when logging. ‏Anyone who wants to help another person donate blood can enter theirs data. Anyone who needs it can contact them.

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