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Created by team Whatsup Doc on July 04, 2024

AI based content creation automation, for this I utilized Gemini due to its large content window, The user specifies a topc, any additional instructions and we use it to search the web for relevant pages, blogs etc. any king of info, then I use LLM to clean and format the retreived results, then I use a webscraping service to scrape those pages, and combine the results together to form context. The context is then cleaned for an irrelevant data. The cleaned context is used to create the new blog which is then stored in mongodb for later retreival, each blog is stored with an owner, which is identified with an apikey, user uses apikey and can retreive all the blogs that belong to that user, user can also retreive individual blogs to display them however he likes Due to shortage of time, and some issue I have only focused on basic functionality, as the mongo db stoped working at the end

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