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Created by team Sarvagya Porwal on July 04, 2024

The Learning App is designed to provide a personalized educational experience. Users can input links to resources they want to learn from, and the LLM will update its knowledge base accordingly. The app offers various features, including reading generated pages, learning through video lectures, taking tests, and chatting with the AI. Problem Un-Interactive Bots: Many service bots today only respond in plain text, which can make interactions feel less engaging. Upper-Bound on Agent Tools: Having too many tools available can overwhelm agents and potentially degrade their performance. Reading is Tough: Users often prefer engaging content formats, such as videos or interactive media, over lengthy text-based content like blogs. Maintenance of Tools: Agents are provided with a static list of tools for each query, which can lead to inefficiencies if the tools are not updated or optimized based on the query's context. Increasing Context Length Unnecessarily: Expanding the context length without necessity can negatively impact the system's performance and efficiency.

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