Created by team PHINA on July 04, 2024

Promoting Sustainable Housing Solutions in Africa with AI Assistant Phina for Enhanced Property Engagement Our project focuses on utilizing advanced AI technologies to promote sustainable housing solutions in Africa through a comprehensive AI assistant named Phina. Phina aims to revolutionize the property engagement process by offering a range of sophisticated features designed to enhance user experience and support sustainable living. Phina's key features include: 1. **Voice Search**: Users can effortlessly search for properties using natural language voice commands, making the search process more intuitive and accessible. 2. **Text-to-Speech**: Phina can read out property descriptions and other relevant information, catering to users who prefer auditory information or those with visual impairments. 3. **AI Assistant**: Phina acts as a personalized assistant, providing tailored property recommendations based on user preferences and past interactions, ensuring a more personalized and efficient search experience. 4. **Image Search**: Users can upload images of properties they are interested in, and Phina will find similar listings, helping users find their dream home faster and with greater accuracy. 5. **Connecting with Interior Designers and Movers**: To provide a holistic service, Phina connects users with professional interior designers and movers, ensuring a smooth transition into their new sustainable homes. By integrating these features, Phina not only simplifies the property search process but also promotes sustainable housing solutions, contributing to a greener and more efficient housing market in Africa.

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