Created by team AI Innovators on July 04, 2024

This emergency can be an asthma attack as well as an anxiety attack or panic attack. It can be a road accident or an injury. The app on getting the symptoms will suggest the things user should do at that time. They can send photos images and voice too. And get response in voice or images. It is an application that will help with first aid interventions in any critical situation like Depression, anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, injuries, first aid, road accidents. it's an incredible idea to do it I suggest that when the user opens the application we ask him to describe his problem after the most important we ask him for the information about the victim and then we give them clear and precise instructions on the different steps to follow and if possible the emergency number. we could also generate 3D images for greater efficiency. To do this I suggest that we use the Gpt API (can Gpt4 o) with some prompt I think it could do wonders on the other hand for 3D images I don't yet see how to do it I hope you will like my point of view and I await your criticism if you wish to add features too

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