Go Pink AI Can Think- AI breast cancer specialist

Created by team Go Pink AI Can Think on February 21, 2024

Breast cancer attacks 1 in 8 women and expresses uniquely in each woman, making it challenging for the limited number of oncologists to devise personalized treatment plans while adhering to established and ever changing cancer treatment standards and guidelines from organizations like NCCN and ASCO. Moreover, staying abreast of the ever-expanding body of cancer knowledge, including articles, clinical trials, and past cases, adds to this complexity. Save millions of breast cancer patients’ lives and life-time savings to target $5B market. Impact For Cancer physicians - Amplifies to deliver treatment regimens with productivity by 20%. Outcomes for Patient – Save treatment cost ~10% - 15%. Our AI software revolutionizes cancer care by empowering physicians to create personalized treatment plans for complex breast cancer cases. With the challenge of adhering to established treatment standards and guidelines like NCCN and ACSO, coupled with the constant influx of new cancer knowledge, our platform amplifies the expertise of oncologists and tumor boards. Patients can conveniently seek second opinions from home, ensuring informed decision-making. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, LLM powered by COT(Chain of Thought), RAGs, Rerank and Logical Reasoning, hallucinations less using TruLens, our software ensures reliable and accurate treatment recommendations. Go Pink streamlines the process of generating appropriate treatment plans, minimizing the risk of unjustified treatments and enhancing speed, accuracy, and cost control through evidence-based decision support. Validated by human experts before delivery, our software is accessible worldwide at just $1, ensuring affordability without compromising quality or accessibility. With Go Pink, we aim to empower physicians and patients alike, offering a transformative solution that puts personalized breast cancer care within reach for all.

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