Conscious Click

Created by team Conscious Click on February 23, 2024

Internet addiction is a growing problem around the world. With more and more addictive AI algorithms, internet addiction cases are rising. In 2010 there were already 8.2% of the US population suffered from internet addiction. A more recent study shows that 36.7% of the population in China is addicted to the internet because of COVID-19. We want to build a solution based on the book "Dopamine Nation", which mentions that our brain needs about 30 days to adjust our dopamine level to improve addiction. Our solution includes two parts. The first part is a coach that takes the user's goals to develop a customized 30-day plan. Including assessment, goal setting, and advice. We also take that plan and let a chrome extension work as an accountability buddy. The extension will detect if each video is related to the user's daily goal, if not it will try to block it. We gradually reduce off-track videos users can watch to minimize painful reactions when their source of addiction is blocked.

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