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Created by team Ai Force on July 09, 2023

The goal is to be able to summarise long audios, to help people who don't have time to catchup on lecture recordings to understand what they might have missed. In the future lecture notes with key points and explainable diagrams will be created to even better the content quality that can be derived from these recordings. It would also be useful for those including myself who are too shy to ask question during lectures but also need help in understanding certain parts of the lecture in a simpler and well broken down method , most likely better than what the lecturer would have explained. This will be good to implement as part of a university's app for use by the students

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"I love the idea! The demo is not working, so unfortunately I cannot evaluate its working. The overall presentation is clear and good, I feel it should have briefly included what specific tech you used."


Chinmay Jog

Machine Learning Engineer