Created by team Rowdyruff Boys on December 05, 2022

Zo:diac is an interactive web app that provides unique, personalized horoscopes on-demand to users. It prompts the user for their information, including their birth date, and then returns a horoscope specific to their astrological information. It then allows the user to specify a topic, which zo:diac will then return additional horoscope content for. This process can be repeated, allowing the user to delve deeper into their astrology by generating new content. Both the initial horoscope reading and followup topic-based horoscopes are created using co:here’s generate endpoint, by modifying the input prefix to get the appropriate output. The application is created using react, and hosted by cloudflare. It can be accessed either on a desktop or mobile browser. The app is available at: https://zodiac.tarinyoom.io/

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