Sincerely Mr Darcy

Created by team Party Pisters on December 04, 2022

Travel back in time and meet your oldest new friend - Mr. Darcy! Our project is a unique pen pal experience; customers subscribe to snail mail one letter every week. We scan and process the letter, using a combination of Google Cloud OCR and Cohere's LLM. This allows Cohere to generate a response in the style of Mr. Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice. To complete the 18th century feel, we send the result to HandWrytten, a robot handwriting service that mails cards with authentic-looking handwriting. Our users are able to experience the joys of a true 18th century friendship, as the Mr. Darcy bot evolves to match the customer's whims through a long history of conversation. Even in the digital age, sometimes we all need a brief return to the analog systems of the past.

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