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Created by team NeverOnTime on December 05, 2022

We created an application to ease the lives of team leaders, by creating a fast and effortless pipeline to propagate the needed information to their teams, other than storing trivial information in pills for a more concise backtracking experience. Starting with OpenAI Whisper, we generate a transcription of the meeting, then by crossing the work of Cohere Generate and Classify, we managed to extract the needed information, then we organize them into a comfortable format to make sure they are easily findable. We developed a platform designed that recaps full business meetings and provides concise summaries including all the relevant information, a list of tasks mentioned during the meeting and the questions asked, with the relative answers. We thought this information was the most useful for a team's member, so the leader can send them the information fast, in order to fill a lack of knowledge and consequent slowdowns in the team's productivity.

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