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Created by team LA Hackers on December 04, 2022

Using Cohere's API, we developed a solution to building more dynamic lessons by making lesson content creation easier and more efficient. By creating a more sustainable workflow for teachers, we hope this idea helps to step away from repetitive tasks to maximize class time with unique learning experiences and engage in more meaningful social interactions in the class room. The spark for this project was focused to build a culture of collaboration amongst fellow teachers to design more cross-curricular activities as well as interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary lessons to go beyond the textbook material in order for students to be exposed to more real-world connections for deeper understanding. With the numerous benefits of collaboration amongst peers, working together can exponentially improve educational experiences for teachers similarly to the idea that teachers encourage for their students. This project holds great meaning for us as we are passionate learners ourselves and we believe working together truly produces amazing results. We hope you enjoy it!

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