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Created by team Mental Health AI on December 05, 2022

I-Rene Provides CBT for the lovely user using Cohere Conversant AI tool. The NFT is minted for free by the lovely user to track the CBT sessions and be proud of their healing process. It is a free, open-source, specific & effective mental health therapy needed by everyone, anywhere at anytime. The mental health AI chatbot will be developed as a standalone application that users can download and install on their mobile devices or access through a web-based platform. The chatbot will collect and use user feedback to improve its performance and effectiveness. This will involve monitoring user interactions and responses, and using machine learning algorithms to continuously adapt and improve the chatbot's responses and support. The mental health AI chatbot will use sentiment analysis to understand the emotional state of users and react accordingly. For example, if a user is feeling sad or anxious, the chatbot can provide appropriate support and resources to help the user manage their emotions and feelings. The mental health AI chatbot will use entity extraction to provide context-dependent answers and support, rather than just generic responses. This will involve analyzing the user's messages and extracting relevant entities and information, such as the user's goals, concerns, and challenges. The chatbot can then use this information to provide personalized and tailored support. The mental health AI chatbot will be integrated with a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and the Metaverse, which is a virtual shared space for communities and organizations. This will enable the chatbot to access and use decentralized resources and data to provide more accurate, relevant, and engaging support to users.

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