CoPilot for Education

Created by team JAMS on March 24, 2024

- Top quality education is very inaccessible, private tutors are unaffordable and it become very difficult for students to choose correct path, understand complex concepts, visualization of concept, evaluate themselves etc. - With LLMs and GenAI we can bridge that gap between top quality education and students coming from different background. - JAMS tries to solve top-quality education for all, by providing students and teacher with tool or assitant which will be available with them 24/hrs to solve any query, explain them concepts, curating personalised content because one teacher can not do this for all of their students. - JAMS CoPilot can act as a companion for students for Explaining concepts in details. Visualizing any concepts they feel is difficult to understand. Help them better prepare, by creating mock test and testing their understanding. Rewriting the concept in configured analogies. eg: Explain Photosynthesis using football terms. - JAMS can also act as a companion for teachers for creating mock tests, evaluating students, generating the concepts in visualized format and also to create customized teaching materials for each student. It is always better to add a few visual representations (drawings/sketches/illustrations etc.) to your presentation, it adds to the power through which it reaches the audience.

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