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Created by team decluttr on December 18, 2023

Decluttr is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way you handle your personal items, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and ease of use. 1. Smart Inventory Management: Begin by capturing images of your belongings. Decluttr uses AI technology to create a detailed, organized inventory, making it simple to track and manage your possessions. 2. Eco-Friendly Reuse and Waste Reduction: By having a clear view of what you own, Decluttr encourages reuse of items, significantly reducing the need for unnecessary purchases. This not only saves money but also plays a crucial role in minimizing waste and environmental impact. 3. Simplified Selling: With Decluttr, selling your unused or unwanted items is a breeze. The app auto-generates appealing descriptions and sales pitches, and allows you to post these items across multiple online marketplaces. This seamless integration opens up opportunities for you to declutter your space while earning money. 4. Encouraging Responsible Consumption: Before you buy something new, Decluttr prompts you to check your inventory. This feature is instrumental in preventing duplicate purchases and fostering responsible, sustainable shopping habits. 5. Virtual Garage Sale Feature: For those who prefer community sales, Decluttr offers a unique feature to host virtual garage sales. This not only provides an opportunity for local community engagement but also offers a fun and efficient way to sell multiple items. 6. Valuable for Insurance Purposes: In the event of property loss or damage, having an up-to-date inventory of your belongings is invaluable. Decluttr keeps this inventory easily accessible, streamlining the process of insurance claims.

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"Amazing use case - super useful. Some integrations to marketplaces (facebook, ebay, etc.) to automatically post the listing would really knock it out of the park. Cool use of Gemini to generate a mutli-faceted description of the item. Good to see the use of TruLens for experiment tracking, would have liked to see you leverage it to measure the quality of the LLM output."


Josh Reini