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Created by team revise on November 21, 2022

Writing is hard. Editing is harder. Why not make it easier for ourselves? Presenting re:vise, a contextualized writing feedback generation bot. Our bot aims to provide the benefits of a peer review without the peer! Imagine having a friend by your side that you can bounce ideas off of or get constructive criticism whenever you need it. Does that sound appealing? Try re:vise today. Just call 1-800-IRE-VISE! Just call 1-800-IRE-VISE! On a more serious note, re:vise aims to help people efficiently write clearly and concisely. This bot is designed to give high-quality feedback about the user's ideas. This type of feedback is more valuable than grammatical fixes because it makes ideas better which in turn improves the writing. On top of that, the bot will always be there when you need it. This is not the case for peer reviews when you could have delays for the review or just bad reviews. At the end of the day, I would rather have written a paper that had an amazing idea with a few grammatical mistakes than a paper with a flat idea and no grammatical mistakes. Which would you prefer?

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