Created by team Sally on November 21, 2022

Celebrate thanksgiving beyond having a feast with our present loved ones! Meet Sally, who will help us reconnect with our lost loved ones. Sally is a bot powered by co:here Generate and co:here Classify, that will help us reconnect with our lost loved ones through chat. We can use Sally with just 2 simple steps: 1. First, add Sally on Telegram ( 2. Second, Upload a chat archive with a lost loved one. Checkout the pitch: Checkout the live technical demo: What happens under the hood? When a user send a message to our Telegram bot, a webhook is send to our service deployed on EC2. Our server then call Cohere generate API to generate the appropriate response. But before we forward it to the user, we call Cohere classify API to determine whether the text is safe to send to our user or not! If not, we regenerate it again! Why? There are about 500 people grieving a lost one every minute, with 20% of them experiencing a complicated grief. Although we can not fix their grief, Sally is here to help the cope. Any undelivered thank yous, I love yous, and goodbyes. Say them through Sally. Because our lost loved ones are not truly lost, as long as we keep them in our memory. <3

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