Created by team Mental Health Engineering on November 21, 2022

Matching effective mental health therapy that suits you the most, precisely using Cohere Classify artificial intelligence tool. According to TheraLove Bot's assessment of the lovely kind soul's personality, preferences, and current state of mind, TheraLove recommends the appropriate type of mental health therapy. Effective mental health therapy will be recommended after eliminating therapies that are unlikely to suit the unique and lovely individual. While this model had been tested and built at its Alpha Stage by a biomedical engineer, please take the recommendation as a complimentary identification method and seek help from social worker and mental health professionals as everyone’s mental health state varies. Self-diagnosis are not encouraged in any forms. The mission of this project is to bring you the best mental health technology, so please feel free to contact the team as seen on Github for any comments. If in pain or with suicidal attempts, please call your local lifeline from The List of International Suicide Hotlines or any of the lifelines as shown on Github.

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