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Created by team we-r-artiste on February 03, 2023

Scrip2life is a new tool that utilises Co:here’s Large language model to save time by breaking down movie scripts and generating summaries, character traits, and backstories for actors to use as inspiration while preparing for their upcoming auditions. Our goal is to improve their odds of finding and landing suitable and inspiring roles to portray stories for the viewers. We achieve this by streamlining the script comprehension using ai tools, so that actors focus on always standing out with the depth of understanding and world-building they manage to portray through the limited amount of preparation time before an audition or role. Our solution is validated by Deepmind’s discussions with industry Professionals evaluating their co-writing system, Dramatron. The writers expressed they would rather use the system for “world building,” for exploring alternative stories by changing characters or plot elements, and for creative idea generation than to write a full play. We focused on building scrip2life based on this market validation with the additional advantage that it is accessible to everyone, not just theatre professionals. Our MVP targets budding ad working actors who are looking for ways to save time while applying to hundreds of casting calls throughout the year. We additionally provide inspiration to be immersed into their characters and script for upcoming auditions and roles. Scrip2life was written collaboratively in Replit IDE. The frontend is written in html, css and js. We used flask to bring the code to life, enabling the calls to the cohere api. We prioritised the co:here generate api due to the creative nature of Scrip2life.

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