SentientAI Newsboy

Created by team Sentient AI on February 03, 2023

Newsboy is an AI technology that parses the data from different news outlets around the world and process them through machine learning so that users can search for news and facts in a disruptive way. The main objective of this project is to democratize the access to information and help fight misinformation, fake news and sensationalism by providing users with a language model that process and analyze the data obtained from the main news outlets in the world and deliver them through a search query that is able to interpret different levels of sentiments and parameters input by the user. - Informed Newsboy: The software will provide an up-to-date and comprehensive summary of the world's news. - Time savings: The software will automate the process of analyzing news articles, saving time and resources compared to manual data processing. - Toxicity & Stereotypes: The software will be able to filter news articles that are classified as negative information in different aspects - Machine Learning: The software will be able to understand the profile of its users and deliver personalized results - Increased insights: The software will provide a comprehensive summary of the news, giving users a broader understanding of current events and trends. - Customized data analysis: Users will have the ability to customize the data analysis process to focus on specific topics or geographic regions. - Data visualization: The software will provide data visualization tools to help users easily interpret and understand the analyzed news data. This will allow users to identify patterns and make informed decisions based on the information presented.

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