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Created by team Quantum Analytics limited on February 03, 2023

Cyclops is a smart assistant device that takes input from an inbuilt camera and microphone and gives response through inbuilt speaker it understands and responds to human commands using both visual and audio cues. The camera captures live video while the microphone picks up spoken commands. By integrating both visual and audio input, Cyclops smart assistant is able to provide a more intuitive and natural user experience. The device uses facial recognition to identify the user and then use voice commands to perform specific actions. This is useful for tasks like home automation, where visual instructions are necessary. Cyclops improve its understanding of the user's commands over time, continually learning from its interactions, provides a unique and versatile user experience, offering a new level of convenience and accessibility. We have built cyclops using an IP camera and used raspberry pi model zero w as its computing unit, video images captured by the inbuilt camera are converted into a string by means of a TensorFlow image processing code while voice to is turned into a string via speech to text this is then sent to cohere for processing via the API

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