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Created by team OneMusic on February 03, 2023

The modern music landscape is dictated by viral trends. The most successful artists are the ones most capable of repeatedly generating some "buzz". Viral hits have given the opportunities to up-and-comers to rise-up and bring new flavors to the market! In this world, artists want to be able to know both "what is trendy right now" and "where is there room for originality"? Are those realistic questions to ask? I'd say yes! With the increasing amount of algorithms used by media diffusion platform (Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, etc.), a good analysis of "what works" in these environments can give you a competitive edge. OneMusic is a platform that aims to fulfill this objective by allowing artists to inspect the audio and lyrical features of songs on the hitlist! pulls from Spotify's "Top 50" playlists for all countries

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