Created by team NegotiazeAI on February 03, 2023

NegotiazeAI is a web based product for businesses to help increase their sales through negotiation and keep customers interested in the product. We used the Cohere API which generates more information about a product so that customers can stay engaged into buying it. The front end for this product was built through Javascript and CSS, meanwhile the backend was built through Python. Members of the team, Kudos was in charge of the product management and presentation creation. Dimitrije helped in all sorts of ways, exploring ideas, backend product development, graphics design and even helping with the presentation. Ahtesham was the genius behind the beautiful front end. He used CSS and Javascript to create a beautiful front end of the product for customer use. Kevin is a crucial member of the backend team. He helped in programming the backend and debugging it. And last but not least Maria helped us in coming up with the idea and the product recommendation system, which became a vital part of our product. Now the product is capable of generating negotiation points for a customer to keep invested in buying the product.

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