Semantic Assist

Created by team Kraken on February 04, 2023

Semantic Assist is a dynamic Chrome extension in Javascript and Backend logicin Python Flask server, that will help you to find your target paragraph in any Article and highlights it so you will not have to read the whole article and waste your time. We are using Cohere's Multilingual Embedding model which can also find your target paragraph when you write your query in any other supported language. Apart from that you can also get the video started from your target concept and not waste much time listening to other not useful things on the Video. The Chrome Extension will automatically detect the platform (Youtube/Any articles) and will work accordingly, you will not have to change even a thing just browse like you normally do and hit (Ctrl + Shift + k) and enter your query and hit the button and your video will start form the answer to that query or the article will point to the highlighted text. Keeping the Usability and short attention span of people, to use this application you do not need to move to any other website/application (which most of the solutions are till now) just stay on your current window and hit the shortcut for a prompt to appear and enter your query and let the Chrome Extension do its magic. We also save the embeddings so for request for the same URL the response is very fast and user can have a great experience will less delay imitating real case

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