Wanna become iOS Developer

Created by team AI isnt AI on February 03, 2023

The idea is to create a roadmap, because everything is in the roads. Meaning that when you know the road, you will know how to explore it. If you want to be iOS-developer, then you have to literally study while loving to become an iOS-Developer. Please, see the instructions in iOS applications. The goal we wanted to achieve was being able to reference secret values within our source code, without these values themselves needing to be kept in source control. The two solutions we have looked at are quite different, but both achieve the same goal. By using cocoapods-keys, we can avoid the manual setup and also avoid the values being stored in plain-text anywhere in the project. However, our solution using Sourcery can be used without Cocoapods and will still require very little maintenance. There will definitely be even more solutions available online for more use cases, it will come down to using the most appropriate solution for the situation.

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