Wikipedia Buddy

Created by team Wiki Buddy on November 18, 2023

A Chat bot that helps people rapidly create Wikipedia articles powered by Cohere's large language model and their retriever. This chat bot helps condense information into Wikipedia articles which can be used for Humans or AI. With this chat bot, you can get the most up to date information and highly verifiable information on topics and people without human labor of maintaining pages. However, This is not the remove the human. This is a chatbot because now a person creating articles, can pick apart the results and ask the chatbot to verify the results. This also solves the problem of dealing with 404 urls to references.

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"Good work. Sometimes, we face hurdles in accessing the page or URLs. It'll be helpful to get up-to-date information. But how does it differ from the other bots like Google Bard or Chatgpt? Btw, good work."


Muhammad Mubashir Hassan


"Great project and the video presentation is good . But the thing is how is it different from already existing tech ? and how do you plan on marketing your product ? and wish you all the best👍"


Aniz Bin Nowshad

AI Developer