Created by team Sauce Dealer on 2022-08-21T15:44:14.026Z

WordGsr is a cooperative party minigame played on a single device within the Python console. It can be played in either of two modes - the telephone mode, or the point mode. Players take turns inputting words into the program, which then using the Cohere Generate api, outputs a realistic sentence for other players to guess the original words. The telephone version has the players pass their guesses to the next sentence, with the goal of keeping as close to the original words as possible. The point version is similar, except the players choose a new set of words each turn, and other players can earn points by guessing the words correctly. The program begins within the Main.py file, where the player can pick their desired mode. Then, based on their choice, they are directed to either the pointsVer.py or telephoneVer.py file, which runs the game. Players also get to choose their difficulty level, which changes the complexity of the sentence produced by the AI. This is achieved through changing the complexity the example dataset itself used to train it, located in the Prompt.txt files.

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