NozApp App For Knowing You

Created by team VideoClub on October 02, 2022

Solution is the the NozApp -- the App that knows everything about everyone! It analyzes tons of information from Open Sources and Media, so that it can collect and summarize all info about everyone! So when we first open the app, we are asked to enter the username of a twitter user. Once we enter the username, the app checks if the username is valid. This is done so the app can collect information of a valid user based on their Tweets. The app takes sometime to process and collect the data, while sending a request to analyze all the contents. It may take from seconds to minutes, depending on the amount of Tweets the user has. Once it's done anlyzing, the app gets the results requested and shows it as a list of user data, including generated hashtags, the contents summary, the user's recent mood and matching emojis. Just paste identification info about them (nickname or real name) -- and NozApp will collect and summarize all info about the subject: Summary about the person Hashtags, describing this person All URLs of that person Current mood and more other info! Stay tuned! This app will turn the game!

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