Recipe Generator

Created by team Memory Makers on October 02, 2022

The idea behind this project is to generate recipes from ingredients to avoid wastage of the Food. A great and easier look through to understand the app better just refer to the presentation. In the workflow plan we have two categories to understand. The very first one is "Data". In here the app first scrape about 100 recipes. For each recipe, it gets the list of ingredients as list without quantities. Then it cluster(/embed) ingredients lists and make categories based on embedding clusters. For the second part we have "Usage" where we first take as user input list of ingredients and classify ingredients list according to closest cluster. Then we build prompt from cluster and ingredients list. For the Uses and Scope : (1) It is a resourceful app that can contribute to Sustainable development. (2) Can be a time saver for people who loves to create new recipes especially chefs. (3) Can come out as a treasure for travellers who love to try new cuisines and recipes. (4) Can also become a great online platform for foodies and help them in becoming pro chef who can cook different cuisines.

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