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Created by team Pixel on May 16, 2024

We've developed a comprehensive solution to address the challenges in tourism, particularly in the realm of eco-tourism, by harnessing the power of AI and linguistic diversity. Our innovative approach focuses on enhancing the visual representation of unique heritage sites through AI-generated visuals in local languages, thereby captivating visitors and fostering sustainable tourism practices. Moreover, we've created an AI application capable of enriching videos with subtitles, facilitating seamless communication across various local languages and other languages. This ensures that cultural narratives are effectively conveyed to a wider audience, promoting inclusivity and understanding. Additionally, our solution explores the creation of captivating images from audio and text in local languages, further enhancing accessibility and cultural representation in multimedia content. Through these features, we aim to revolutionize the tourism industry by providing immersive experiences that celebrate and preserve the richness of local heritage. Website Demo Link : https://pixelam.vercel.app/

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" Innovative idea. great work "


Ismail Ahmed

"This is a unique project indeed, but i think making it a multimodal model needed a little more work. I hope you keep making the project. And try to keep the presentation within 5 minutes please"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor